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 Instructions for online exhibition Signup:

1- From the “Fairs and Exhibitions” tab in the Home page, choose your desired exhibition and click on "More info about this Fair" to read the detailed informationabout the exhibition including deadlines, registration fee, poster and map.
Note 1:  Study the exhibition “General Prescriptions” tab in the home page carefully before start of your online registrations.   Booth selections are bound to accept these terms and conditions.
2- After studying the information, click on red "Signup online" button to load the online signup form.
3- Enter all requested information in the provided fields. Fields marked with red Asterisk (*) signs are necessary and should not remain empty.
Note 2:    The information you provide in “Online Signup” section would be used
Identically in areas like exhibition catalogue, stand fascia and on other resources dedicated to you on this website.  In case incomplete / inaccurate information is given, the print of your company’s profile in the exhibition catalogue might be at your own risk.
4- After the form is completed, click on "Next Step" button to load the page for selection of salon and stand. Click on “Choose stand” button to load the Exhibition Hall plan and location of stands.
5- Move and point he mouse cursor on any location on the map. The stands, marked with clocks or locks icons have already been booked. When mouse pointer moves on any available booth or location, the booth information including the number, dimensions, space and the price will be shown. Here you may only select from the non-marked stands by a click on it. A green check mark will reserve the selected stand for you.   You may unselect them again by a click on the blue “Clear Selected” button. A click on the pink “Continue …" button takes you out of the hall plan.
6- In case all stands were already reserved, click on the button "Sign the reserve list" on the bottom of the page to save your information in the system. In case of any cancellation, the organizer will inform you at once.
Note 3:  After you book one or more stands, the system will keep your reservation saved up to 96 hours. Please note, participants are required to transfer the participation fees to our bank account and email a scan of the bank payment receipt to the organizer within this 96 hours deadline after stand reservation (Bank account is written on your invoice), and receive the confirmation from the organizer; otherwise your reservation will be cancelled automatically after deadline is passed.
7- After booth reservation, click on "Next step" button and enter “Choose services” page. Select the required services. In some cases the images of requested services are available.  Select the desired services and continue.
8- To receive invoice is the last step. In this page your company data, space, and your requested services along with the price will be shown.
Please note: At this step you can alter your choices form equipped area to non-equipped area and vice versa.
9- Finally, after you are sure about accuracy of your information, fill in the Captcha in the provided box and click on submit button.
You have reached the end of online signup process.
10- At the end you can save on your system a copy of invoice in PDF file format.
Note 4: Below your invoice, the information of our Bank Account and the dead line for payment the registration fee are printed.
Applied fees should be transferred to our Bank Account not later than 96 hours after the on line registration time.
To avoid any misunderstanding regarding the payments, participants are requested to send the bank receipt of remittance to the organizer.